How to record screen on your pc


There are reasons why one may need to screen record on their pc such as showing demos and tutorial videos for friends or even clients. There are desktop recorders that are designed for various activities such as recording activities on the screenas well as sounds and can edit recordings and save them in another file. There are multiple ways of recording screen on your pc; one can use a browser in which it can record the screen without installing any programme in your pc. Furthermore, various applications can be installed to your pc and help inscreen recording.

Ways of recording your screen

Movavi’s screen recorder

The movavi screen recorder is one of the best applications for screen recording; it is designed to record activities on the screen along with sound and can save the recordings in a different file. Once you download the movavi screen recorder and save it to the hard drive, you can run it and start recording activities on your screen. Furthermore, launch screen capture studio then select record screen for you to start recording.


You might go screen recording applications without realizing that your pc is capable of recording activities on your screen. By using pre-installed Xbox application present in your pc, you can use it to record activities on your pc screen. Furthermore, to start recording activities on your screen open the pre-installed Xbox application then click [Windows] + [Alt] + [R] to start recording as well as to stop recording, the activities captured will be saved in MP4 format.


This is anonline platform that helps in recording activities on your pc without installing any application. The Apowersoft is a free web browser, and it is asuperb platform that is better than most desktop applications. Furthermore, tostart recording go to Apowersoft website then click on start recording. There are fewer disadvantages when it comes to recording with the online recordersince it does not have any unwelcome additions and allows you to record for aslong as you wish. Consequently, once you are through with recording, there is apause button available to stop recording followed by a tick the video will thenbe saved as an MP4 in your documents.