The Overlooked Side of Google

For the most part, Google, like most technological advancements, has made life easier for everyone. A Jacksonville data recovery company told us that Google holds the answer to virtually everything and is therefore used all around the world. It is the online encyclopedia if most, if not all subjects. However, like every other thing, Google too has its negatives. Below are some of the dangers of Google.

1. Research Laziness

The motivation and general capacity of people to do research have declined over time because of laziness. People know that they can find any information they want through a click of a button. They will, therefore, opt for this option instead of going into the library or field to get the facts. Not only does this result ina decrease in scientific inventions, it also results in reduced intelligence levels. People depend only on readily available facts instead of finding out new ones for themselves.

2. Public Misinformation

In relation to research laziness, there is space for public misleading. Most people have believed that Google cannot be wrong. Therefore, whenever wrong information is uploaded to the platform, people will blindly follow without question. Not only does this lead to confusion, it also causes misinformation to the public. If the people were willing to do their own research, then they would not be easily be misled.

3. Lack of Filter

A Jacksonville data recovery and computer forensic firm informed us that unless an individual has a browser that filters sensitive information, it has become easier for people of all ages to access all sorts of sites. This includes pornographic material, violent shows, etc. Young children get exposed to this knowledge causing their minds to be corrupt and at times traumatized. This happens all the time not only in Jacksonville, or in Florida, but all across the USA and the entire planet. This is why some adults carry childhood addictions and traumas well into their older ages. Google cannot ban these sites because with the coming of the internet also came internet hackers who have found ways of manipulating the system.

4. Increased Criminal Activity

Google made it easy for cybercriminals to get information about potential victims. Thanks to online systems that require people to fill in their personal information, criminals can find out even the physical location of potential victims. People end up being stalked or cyberbullied by complete strangers with some cases ending up in the death of the victim.

The company in jacksonville told us that it is safe to conclude that Google has its benefits as a platform that has made life easier for information acquisition. However, the threats of Google cannot be ignored. Other dangers of Google include tax avoidance, manipulation, and misuse of search results. In addition, Google allows people to lack originality hence using others’ intellectual property. Users of the platform have to be careful not to perpetuate the negative aspect of the platform, the developers should also try to make it safe and secure for every user.