The Overlooked Side of Google

For the most part, Google, like most technological advancements, has made life easier for everyone. A Jacksonville data recovery company told us that Google holds the answer to virtually everything and is therefore used all around the world. It is the online encyclopedia if most, if not all subjects. However, like every other thing, Google too has its negatives. Below are some of the dangers of Google.

1. Research Laziness

The motivation and general capacity of people to do research have declined over time because of laziness. People know that they can find any information they want through a click of a button. They will, therefore, opt for this option instead of going into the library or field to get the facts. Not only does this result ina decrease in scientific inventions, it also results in reduced intelligence levels. People depend only on readily available facts instead of finding out new ones for themselves.

2. Public Misinformation

In relation to research laziness, there is space for public misleading. Most people have believed that Google cannot be wrong. Therefore, whenever wrong information is uploaded to the platform, people will blindly follow without question. Not only does this lead to confusion, it also causes misinformation to the public. If the people were willing to do their own research, then they would not be easily be misled.

3. Lack of Filter

A Jacksonville data recovery and computer forensic firm informed us that unless an individual has a browser that filters sensitive information, it has become easier for people of all ages to access all sorts of sites. This includes pornographic material, violent shows, etc. Young children get exposed to this knowledge causing their minds to be corrupt and at times traumatized. This happens all the time not only in Jacksonville, or in Florida, but all across the USA and the entire planet. This is why some adults carry childhood addictions and traumas well into their older ages. Google cannot ban these sites because with the coming of the internet also came internet hackers who have found ways of manipulating the system.

4. Increased Criminal Activity

Google made it easy for cybercriminals to get information about potential victims. Thanks to online systems that require people to fill in their personal information, criminals can find out even the physical location of potential victims. People end up being stalked or cyberbullied by complete strangers with some cases ending up in the death of the victim.

The company in jacksonville told us that it is safe to conclude that Google has its benefits as a platform that has made life easier for information acquisition. However, the threats of Google cannot be ignored. Other dangers of Google include tax avoidance, manipulation, and misuse of search results. In addition, Google allows people to lack originality hence using others’ intellectual property. Users of the platform have to be careful not to perpetuate the negative aspect of the platform, the developers should also try to make it safe and secure for every user.

Facts about Elon Musk

If you haven’t heard of Elon Musk by now, you must know that this man is changing the world. He has successfully created a business and established a positive existence on social media. While there are so many impressive things he has accomplished, these are the facts you should know about Elon Musk.

1. Hestarted his first business at the ripe age of 15 with his brother and cousin. It did not get very far though, due to his parents shutting down theyoungsters’ idea. Still, for 15 years old, Elon had an early passion for doing business.

2. Elon Musk rented out a large house during his college years. In order to pay his rent, he would turn his humble abode into a night club that held up to 1,000 people –this gave him the cash to keep afloat.

3. He holds multiple citizenships: South Africa, Canada, and the U.S.A.

4. Elon Musk did not actually invent Tesla Motors. In fact, he later joined the two men who started it: Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning.

5. Elon Musk loves to teeter on the dirty side. When trying to decide on a new model name for a Tesla car, he wanted E. If E was approved, he would have three models: S, E, X (we’ll let you do the math). However, there was some legalities with naming it Model E, so he opted for Model 3.

6. Elon Musk leads SpaceX (Space Exploration Technologies). Spacex designs, produces, and launches private rockets into space. Musk founded this company in 2002.

7. Originally, Musk’s parents believed he was deaf because he was often seen looking off into space when talked to. It turned out, Musk was an avid day dreamer and tuned out those who talked to him. A brain like his, we don’t blame him for needing to day dream to gather all those amazing thoughts. Musk even admitted in an interview that he feels his head is full.

8. Elon Musk was the inspiration for the character Tony Stark in Iron Man.

9. Musk is a firm believer in waking up early and meditating. But, he is an even bigger believer in showering! 10. Musk is always on the move. In fact, he does not have a permanent desk that he sits at. Musk knows that when he is dealing with issues at Tesla or SpaceX, he must be at the front lines. That’s why, he has learned to take his work with him and constantly be on the move – that’s how he can best reach his companies.

Elon Musk isa fascinating man. While his pathway to success has not always been a clear oreasy one, he has definitely made a name for himself in today’s advancing world. Elon Musk has proved to anyone who has doubted him that his ideas are grand and extraordinary, whether they are car or rocket related. We hope you have learned some new facts about this intelligent man who is changing he world every day.

How To Simplify Your Life With Smart Devices

There are many ways that technology can help you out as you are living your life, and if you have been curious how to simplify your life with smart devices, then you should read the five tips below.

  1. Get Organized With A Calendar
    You should start using a smart calendar to make your life much more organized. Keep track of birthdays, events, and much more on your smart device. Plan out when you are going to go grocery shopping and set reminders for yourself. By using your smart device as a calendar, you will be much less likely to forget something than if you used a paper calendar or planner.
  2. Keep In Touch With Family
    Use your smart device to keep in touch with family through texts, videos, and more. You can keep tabs on everyone and know where your children are at all times thanks to smart devices. You can use tracking services if you are on the same phone plan as your children. Or, you can simply email or text friends and family when you are curious how they are doing. There are many services that you can use with your smart devices, and your life will be much simpler when you and your family keep in touch often in this way.
  3. Shop And Order Food
    There are endless things that you can do online, and one of the things that will simplify your life is to shop online. You should start doing all of your shopping this way, including your grocery shopping. And, when you want to order in food, consider using an app to do that. Order for pickup for groceries or fast food, too. You can do so much with your smart devices, and you will save a lot of time when you use them, which will make your life simpler and better than ever.
  4. Use Smart Lights And More
    Use smart technology in your home and you will be able to turn off your lights from your phone. You can control your heat and so much more with smart devices, and you should get them installed to simplify your life when you are at home or away.
  5. Smart Devices Know A Lot
    Ask smart devices questions that you don’t know the answer to. Store information in them or use search engines. You can find answers to any question on a smart device, and having them around will make your life much less stressful or complicated.

There are so many ways that you can simplify your life using smart devices, and you should do all of the above and more. Learn as much as you can about each smart device that you own, and you will feel great about how it can simplify your life.

What you should know about the Alibaba company

Oral-B Pro 5000 Toothbrush Review

There is no better way to start your day than with a clean and relaxing mouth wash. It feels so relieving to be sure you have sweet breath and an alluring smile. Cavities and dents make it difficult to maintain good breath and white sparkling teeth which as a result affect your mood and how you interact with people every day. Cavities, dents and discolored teeth are as a result of poor oral hygiene practices. You can make it your routine to brush your teeth after every meal to avoid some of these scenarios. The Oral-B toothbrush is one of the few electric toothbrushes you can use to enhance your cleaning. This review is meant to analyze piece by piece, all information pertaining to the toothbrush to help you make a better decision. You can check our website for other toothbrushes we have reviewed to compare.

The Oral-B Pro 5000 Toothbrush

This is arguably the most innovated toothbrush among the Oral-B toothbrushes with two new versions made from the original model. The oral-b pro toothbrush hasadvanced from oral-b pro 5000 to oral-b SmartSeries 5000 to now Oral-B Smart 55000. Every version has come with its own advancements as Braun strives to makebrushing using an electric more beneficial and easier. This review will becentered on the latest version, the Oral-B Smart 5 5000 electric toothbrush.

The Oral-B5000 is the third most purchased Oral-B toothbrush on Amazon. At the time of rating, it was rated at 4.3 out of 5 by 2695 customers and goes for the price of $89.94.

Amazon Review

What’s wrong with the Oral-B Pro 5000 SmartSeries Toothbrush?

There is nothing wrong with the toothbrush and it works properly in most aspects. The only problem the Braun Company has tried to change with time and they have doneit so well with this model is the battery life which was previouslymalfunctioned.

Components of the Toothbrush

• A standard charger and a Li-ion Battery

• A standard Travel Case

• The rechargeable toothbrush handle

• A charging Station

• 1 Brush head

Design,Features and Performance

The brush is uniquely designed with a FlossAction brush head with micro pulse bristles for an interdentally and superior clean compared to a manual toothbrush.


It works on 3D cleaning action rotates, oscillates and pulsates to remove and break plaque along the gum line. These modes of cleaning ensure that all the parts of the teeth are well brushed to provide a deep clean.

Pressure Sensor

The toothbrush has a visible sensor that lights up every time you apply excess pressure depending on the cleaning mode you have set for yourself when brushing. This feature helps protect your teeth and gums.

Buzz Timer

Just like other typical Oral-b electric toothbrushes, the 0ral-B Genius has a 30 seconds timer that buzzes every time to warn you to move your brushing to another quarter of the mouth.

Battery Life

The battery life of this toothbrush is the other feature that is outstanding for this toothbrush. It can last for a whooping six months under regular use. The battery strength may however reduce with time as the battery gets used more.

Brushing Modes

Brushing Modes 5 modes that allow you to customize brushing routines with daily care mode for every day cleaning; Gum care mode to protect your mouth, sensitive mode for sensitive parts, whitening mode to brighten your teeth and the deep clean mode for thorough cleaning.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The toothbrush has an installed Bluetooth communication device which communicates with you while brushing through your Smartphone. It provides real-time feedback on your brushing performance and helps you achieve better results.


For alternative options, you can try the latest version of the SmartSeries 5 5000 which is much improved from these version although you have to pay double fold.

Final Verdict

The Pro 5000 SmartSeries is a good brush as it a=does not have many flaws. Its price is worth for everyone who values oral hygiene and you can pt to go for a better model. The battery needs to be changed for this model and the price should remain fair when that happens.

Secrets to Instagram Marketing

There are ways for a company to grow through the help of an Instagram account. There are things that a business can do it if would like to receive attention on social media and make the most of the accounts that it has set up. It is important for those in charge of marketing a business to know all of the secrets for using Instagram and the marketing opportunities that it provides.

instagram marketing

It is important for those who are using Instagram marketing to know their audience. They need to have a clear vision of the kind of people that they would like to reach with the advertising that they create. They need to know which group of people they would most like to target with the posts that they put up. It is important for those who are working in marketing to know who they are trying to reach so that they can figure out a plan for reaching those people.

Those who are using Instagram in the marketing work that they do have to be dedicated to creating and uploading content. They need to post regularly if they want peopleto pay attention to all that they are posting. Those who are looking to usesocial media to expand their business should post on social media on a regularbasis and always have fresh content available for their fans to check out on their profile.

Just as it is important for a company to be dedicated to their account and to posting on a regular basis, it is also important that those who are posting on Instagram do not post too often. There are some people who will unfollow a certain page if they feel that they are seeing too much content from that page. The one who is using Instagram in their marketing work should figure out a plan that will have them posting on social media on a regular basis but not so often that they will frustrate their audience.

When someone is using Instagram in their marketing work, they have to interact with their audience. It is important that a company creates a certain personality for itself by responding to their followers. There are people who will have questions about the company and there are others who will simply want to interact with someone and let the company know how much they love it. If a company wants to make the most of their Instagram account, they should respondto their followers there and interact with them.

The company that is focusing on Instagram for the marketing opportunities that it provides should focus on creating content that people will want to share. The company that wants to grow should try to make content that is going to go viral. The more that people share the content that is created by a specific company, the more that the company will be able to influence its audience and the whole world.

How to record screen on your pc


There are reasons why one may need to screen record on their pc such as showing demos and tutorial videos for friends or even clients. There are desktop recorders that are designed for various activities such as recording activities on the screenas well as sounds and can edit recordings and save them in another file. There are multiple ways of recording screen on your pc; one can use a browser in which it can record the screen without installing any programme in your pc. Furthermore, various applications can be installed to your pc and help inscreen recording.

Ways of recording your screen

Movavi’s screen recorder

The movavi screen recorder is one of the best applications for screen recording; it is designed to record activities on the screen along with sound and can save the recordings in a different file. Once you download the movavi screen recorder and save it to the hard drive, you can run it and start recording activities on your screen. Furthermore, launch screen capture studio then select record screen for you to start recording.


You might go screen recording applications without realizing that your pc is capable of recording activities on your screen. By using pre-installed Xbox application present in your pc, you can use it to record activities on your pc screen. Furthermore, to start recording activities on your screen open the pre-installed Xbox application then click [Windows] + [Alt] + [R] to start recording as well as to stop recording, the activities captured will be saved in MP4 format.


This is anonline platform that helps in recording activities on your pc without installing any application. The Apowersoft is a free web browser, and it is asuperb platform that is better than most desktop applications. Furthermore, tostart recording go to Apowersoft website then click on start recording. There are fewer disadvantages when it comes to recording with the online recordersince it does not have any unwelcome additions and allows you to record for aslong as you wish. Consequently, once you are through with recording, there is apause button available to stop recording followed by a tick the video will thenbe saved as an MP4 in your documents.